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Age of Legend

Book Four of the Legends of

the First Empire

by Michael J. Sullivan

Wow, this series has been a powerhouse.  Michael J. Sullivan knows how to tell a story, and as a result I've read just about everything he's put out (it's all really, really good - I usually read/listen to his books more than once.)  This series has been a roller coaster, and because I've gotten to know the characters so well at this point, it's going to be a sad day when I finish the last book of this series.  Highly recommended.

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The original's good, but the acoustic set they did in NYC (below) is fantastic.  I love the feel of the song, how it moves. 


When you strip away all of the production that goes into a lot of recorded music, and still have it sound great, you're the real deal.  That's these guys.

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