Day(A day)

At a meeting. 

Don't worry—it's super fun.

09/06 (A) - 09/09 (B - we covered this in class together.)

Here's what you do today.  Message me with any real questions (orange bar, below-right.)

  • You remember how this works: first off, be GOOD to the sub.  If I get a whiff of naughtiness on your part—grammar.  Then, the Bell Activity (write it down in your writing journal):

    • Describe in detail what's going on in this scene.


       Please feel free to share when prompted by the sub (who you're being really good to.)  Extra

       wisdom next time if you share a bunch.

  • After that, it's Reading Time.  Get your book out (articles are okay), get settled, and read.  You'll go for about 15-20 minutes today (because it's Friday. Come on.)

  • Next, theme practice.  First, take a few minutes to go through this little presentation:

  • Once you've gone through those slides, and keeping all of that incredible info in mind (topic & theme), get your writing journal back out.  Underneath where you wrote today's Bell Activity, write "Sidewalk Flowers."  Then, while watching "Sidewalk Flowers" jot down at least three possible topics that you notice.  

  • After you've watched and written down at least three topics in your journal, circle the topic you think is the most important in the video, and then write a theme about that topic.  Nice work.  Now go back and put a square around another of the topics you picked, and come up with a possible theme for that topic.  Write it in your journal under the first one.  You're a peach–good job.

  • After that, you need to make sure you're done with Quizlet (A2—see below.)  Go back in and finish the Learn and Test activities, and remember that for full credit you need to have mastered all the words for Learn, and you need to score 100% on Test.  It'll tell me on my end if you have.  When you're done with those two, try your hand at Match and Gravity to see how well you've got these down. Anyone who wasn't here last time in A4, click HERE to join the class.  You might need to create a Quizlet account if you don't already have one.

    • A2—​We ran out of time last time, but I'm having you go to Quizlet, create an account if you need to, and join our class page.  Here's the link to join.  Once you're in, click on Essential Vocab #1.  You'll be doing the Learn and the Test activities.  Learn has to be done until you've mastered all of the words on the list, and Test needs to be done until you score 100%.  If you've still got time after that, try some of the other activities.  Go get 'em!

Let me know if you guys have any questions—use the orange "Hey Carpenter!" chat bar over there on the bottom-right.  And


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