We are the music makers, 

and we are the dreamers of dreams.

-Arthur O’Shaughnessy (but probably used best by Willy Wonka)


Here's what just happened.

08/30 (a) & 09/03 (b)

Journal write (Breakfast cereal!), reading time, and then:

  • We went over the Poem That Matters project again to make sure there weren't questions.  Because I care.

  • Theme.  This is going to be something we spend some real time on this year.  First though, I want to see where your are right now with being able to identify a theme and back up your your opinion.  To do that, we read the short story "Eleven," by Sandra Cisneros.  You then wrote your theme paragraph, identifying a potential theme and explaining why you thought so.  (There is no particular theme I'm looking for.)  If you need to do this, come talk to me.

  • You created your work portfolio folder.  

  • We got you registered for your class on Quizlet, and assigned your first vocab set. (Sorry A2—rean out of time.  Next period, or:)

    • Create a free account, or use one you already have

    • Search for your class: LPE10 (+ class period. Ex. LPE10 A4)

    • Request to join the class

    • Wait patiently for your gracious acceptance

       You then just go to Essential Vocab #1 and 

       do the Learn (until all words are mastered)

       and Test (until 100%) activities, in that


  • Essential Vocab #1 on Quizlet.

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