We are the music makers, 

and we are the dreamers of dreams.

-Arthur O’Shaughnessy (but probably used best by Willy Wonka)


Here's what just happened.

09/12 (a) & 09/13 (b)

After the Bell Activity (The Island), and Independent Reading Time, you got to work on the Seedfolks Theme Handout.  The handout asks you to do what we've already practiced with the short videos we've watched, which is to identify potential topics, pick one, and turn it into a theme by asking yourself what message the text (video, book, short story, song, etc.) is getting across about that topic. For this handout, you need to read three chapters from Seedfolks, and do the same thing by following the directions on the handout.  

After you've read the three chapters and filled in the handout accordingly, the last thing you're asked to do is to do the same thing with a song of your choosing, it just needs to have lyrics.  This time though, you're going to use at least two lines from the song to back up your theme.  Again, check the directions on the handout.

When you're done with the handout, I had you turn it in to the basket.  You've got all period to get it done, and if you need more time you can even bring it back next time.  Whenever you get it finished up, I had you go to your class's link below to answer a few questions about how Reading Time's been going:


A2 & A4 Reading Time Reckoning #1.

B5 Reading Time Reckoning #1

B6 Reading Time Reckoning #1

Both of those things, the Seedfolks Theme Handout and the Reading Time Reckoning questions are due at the end of the period.  If you need more time, take it, but try to be done today.

What's Due

  • The Seedfolks Theme Handout
  • Reading Time Reckoning #1
  • The Poem that Matters​

Get on this quick before the inevitable end-of-the-term bottleneck!

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