I was out today, so here's what you guys did with the sub.

08/28 (A4-I was here for A2.)

Okay—here's what you do today.  Message me with any real questions (orange bar below-right.)

  • First off, be GOOD to the sub.  If I get a whiff of naughtiness on your part—grammar.  Then, the Bell Activity (write it down in your writing journal.)  Answer completely:

    • What's a skill that you learned or will learn in high school that you think you'll never use?  ​Why won't you ever use it?

  • Next, the last clip from Quigley Down Under.  In a lucky move, the last 2 men from Marsden's ranch (the others were all either taken out by Quigley or ran away in fear of Quigley) captured Quigley and dragged him back to the ranch behind a horse.  Now, it's showdown time.  As you watch, remember what Quigley told Marsden at dinner when Marsden asked if he was familiar with revolvers (pistols)—"Well sir, I've never had much use for one."

NOTICE: people may get shot in this clip.  Better than average chance.

  • Oooh.  Burn.  Now open up your writing journal again, and a few lines under today's Bell Activity, write Quigley.  Now, keeping in mind that I probably had a point to make in showing your these clips, please answer these two questions:

    • What's the takeaway, or the lesson, from the clips we watched?

    • How does it apply to you?

       We'll talk about it next time.

  • After that, it's challenge time.  What's the challenge?  

Read 30 books this year.

       You  heard me.  That's how important I know reading is. Keep in mind that this is a challenge, it doesn't affect your grade if you don't read 30 books, but I really think you should try.  To help you do this, you're going to take a field trip to the library.  Your sub will hand out a worksheet to get done while you're there.   On the back of the worksheet, one of the things it asks you to do is to use the online catalog to find at least two books that are similar to a book you have enjoyed before.  Here's how to do that.  

  • Try it out. Before you guys go to the library, go to the Online Card Catalog. It looks like this.

  • Enter a book title in the Search window above (green arrow) and hit enter.​  You'll get a page that looks like what's below.  Find your book, then click the arrow to the right. 

  • In that dropdown window, look towards the bottom and click NoveList.

  • In that dropdown window, look towards the bottom and click NoveList.  In the new window that opens, scroll down a little until you see You Might Also Like These . . .  Whatever books show up are what you can use to fill out that section of the worksheet.

I'll collect those library worksheets next time, so if you don't get them done today make sure you do it before then.  And be GOOD to the sub.

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