We are the music makers, 

and we are the dreamers of dreams.

-Arthur O’Shaughnessy (but probably used best by Willy Wonka)

Term 3

The Plan - 02/14/20


First off, you already know this but I'm going to say it anyway—BE GOOD TO THE SUB. That also means stay put—no wandering to sit by your pals. I want a glowing report on my desk next week. 

*And A2, contribute to the Gold Rush envelope on my desk if you can.  It's for a fantastic cause.  As an added perk, there's breakfast in it for us if we donate the most.  But donate for the cause, as it really helps families in need.  I only had a couple bucks cash on me when they dropped off the envelope, so it's in there—raise my contribution a bunch more :)*

After the Bell Activity and Reading Time, you're reading to get cracking.  Right? Good!  We talked a little about this last time when I had you get on Canvas to make sure everything worked, so here it goes for real:

  1. Go back to Canvas (either on a computer or on your phone), and go to this class (S2—English 10-Carpenter).

  2. Click on Discussions on the left, and then click on "Speak" Discussion.

  3. Follow the instructions there.  Take your time on this—I would love to see thoughtful posts and comments, some "metacogging" going on, rather than just "Blah blah gimme points blah" kind of feedback.  That doesn't help anybody.

It would really help if you read all six chapters, as this will give you much greater awareness of what's happening in the story.  Plus, there might be a reading quiz next time. Might.

That's it—if you read and take this seriously it should go the rest of the period.  Any questions? Chat me in the bottom right corner (Hey Carpenter!)

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