We are the music makers, 

and we are the dreamers of dreams.

-Arthur O’Shaughnessy (but probably used best by Willy Wonka)


This page works.  Let's use it.

Looking for The House on Mango Street?












05/07/2019 (B Day)

Here's what today looks like. First, the overview:

  1. Reading catch up - we'll read a few vignettes together.

  2. Vid.E.O - I'll show it on the big screen. You'll need this later, so hopefully you paid attention.  If not, it's below.

  3. Answer the pre-reading question for section 4 in your Mango St. Portfolio packet 

  4. Grab a copy of Mango St. and read those vignettes included in section 4 

  5. Answer a few more simple yet deep questions, including something about the video.

Now, the details:

1) Answer the pre-reading questions for section 4

This is easy.  If you haven't already done this because you're a go-get'em student, then make sure that this one questions this section asks is answered completely and well.  Remember, each section's responses should equal at least a half page, and hopefully more towards a full page.  Once you're done with this, re-share that doc with me.  If you can't find your packet to answer this question, clicka here: The Mango St. Portfolio

2) Grab a copy of Mango St. and read the section 4 vignettes: The Family of Little Feet, A Rice Sandwich, Chanclas, Hips, The First Job (pgs. 39-55)

3) If you need to give the short video another look, feel free (headphones, please. Or at the very least, LOW volume.)

The Steppenwolf Theatre is a pretty well-known place in, where else? Chicago.  Back in the late 2000's, they put on a musical of The House on Mango St.  Here's a clip of one of the vignettes you just read.  Give it a look, then move on to step 4.









4) Answer a few more quick questions

Click on the following link to give your feedback:   LINK!  (Note: if you can't log in, you might need to make sure that you're signed into your Alpine school account.)


All done? Nice job.  If there's some time left, go check out the What I'm Listening To section on the Home page.  It's spectacular.  And READ.  And make sure that you're caught up on your pre-reading questions and vignettes.









05/03/2019 (B Day)

Okay—let's take care of this one right now:  No, you can't jump the sub.

That said, here's what you do here.  Now that you've reread "Those That Don't" on page 28 of Mango St. (we read it together last class), take out your writing journal again, and right under where you did today's Bell Activity (about why people tend to live in their own "groups"), answer this question (and really explain what you mean):

  1. What's the hardest things about going to or living somewhere totally different from what you're used to?


Once you've got that answered, take a quick look at these pics from a time that I went and lived in a place where I was a minority.  I had heard a lot of bad things about this area in the years leading up to my going there, so I was pretty sure there was a good chance that I was going to get wrecked.  Here's what part of the whole experience looked like:





Like I said, things were scary at first.  But then, like Esperanza said, I got to know the people that I originally would have been totally nervous about even looking at, and they stopped being so scary.

Now go back to your writing journal and answer these, again explaining yourself.

          2. What would be the best thing about ​going to or living somewhere totally different from what you're used to?

          3. Why do you think people tend to be afraid of what's different?

Done?  Good—nice job.  The sub will give you some more instructions in a minute.  In the meantime, check out what I'm reading right now on the home page, and/or take a listen to what I'm listening to (headphones, please) while you're waiting to move on, because I understand you're just dying to know.


And again, no jumping the sub.  And no Minecraft.

A short clip from "The House on Mango St."

Click here!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hi A2 - Here's what you need to do today: BE GOOD TO THE SUB.  After that . . .

1. First off, your Bell Activity.  Here's what you need to write about - which of the following do you agree with most?  WHY? (Explain please, and more than just "Because I like it.")















Okay, now share what you wrote (the sub should ask you if you want to.)  If you do, I'll give you double wisdom next time.

2. READ.  And do NOT be loud and annoying—if you don't feel like reading, fine.  Just don't make it hard for others to read.  

3. You need to finish you Main Idea Organizers from last time.  Remember, now that we already identified the Main Idea of the article by skimming it first, we're just looking for the supporting details that back up the main idea.  And, because this article is so nicely divided, we're looking for those supporting details section by section.  Take a look at what we've got so far: Main Idea Organizer-A2


Under the "Eating Air" heading, we have just the important supporting details from that section.  They support the main idea because they deal with how and why gas makes noise, in this case in your throat.  Now you need to do the same thing for the remaining sections of the article.  If you need another copy, here it is (yes, you can print it.) . And here's the Main Idea Organizer, in case you need that.

4. When you're done with that, grab a copy of Speak and get reading.  We still need to catch up from that dang snow-day-that-wasn't.  Shoot for getting to "Third Marking Period" (I don't remember what page number it's on.)  When there's about 10 minutes left in class, stop wherever you are and shoot me a message telling me 2 big takeaways from what you read today–what's something you understand now that you didn't before, what was the most important thing from what you just read, do you have a prediction about something that you think is going to happen, etc.



Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Hey English 10 – I'm home sick with whatever this is that's going around (which means I'm actually on the beach in Mexico, but that's none of your business), so I've outlined what's happening today in four (4) easy steps, because I'm super-nice:

#1 First off, the Big Idea to remember for today:

Be GOOD to the sub.

Okay, now that you've got that down, here's the Bell Activity (write it in your journal):

Describe what it’s like to be in high school like you’re talking to an alien who just came to earth. Or a child. Or your parents (because they’ve forgotten). Provide DETAIL.

For example: "You know those movies about high school that make you think 'Yeah, this is pretty over the top.' Well, they are over the top. But they're also not. Those movies take what high school is like, and magnify it so that even if it's bigger than what it should be, it's still showing you what's there. High school is cliques and clans to be sure, because we're people, and people tend to congregate based on shared characteristics (Jocks = people who like and play sports. Nerds = usually people who like tech, and who yes, you'll probably work for someday. And like that.) But high school is also a place where you can grow, if you choose to. Despite what you think people might expect from you, high school allows for you to explore your interests, which you sometimes might have to do alone. In other words, high school can definitely be something of a conformity factory, but it can also be a place where you learn to become brave by developing you."

Okay, that's longer than it needs to be, but you get the picture. Get writing. And if/when asked by the sub, please share. (Double wisdom next time if you do!)

#2 Independent Reading (Reading Time) for about 20 minutes. Keep it down, sophomores.

#3 Choose one of the words below. Just like our protagonist (whose name we don't know yet), this will be your Destiny Word:

  • Art

  • Closet 

  • Eyes

  • Lips

  • Mirrors

  • Silence

Once you've picked your word, write it in your journal under where you wrote your description of high school. But don't just write it–make it stand out by making it bold, or by adding color, or drawing a picture around it that helps represent the word, etc. Feel free to grab some colored pencils out of the Art Drawer (the first big drawer underneath the microwave at the back of the room.)

#4 Next, you're responsible for politely taking a copy of Speak off of the bookshelf and reading pages 13-17 on your own. While reading, here's what I want you to do in your writing journal (under where you wrote your Destiny Word):

  1. Keep track of any uses of your Destiny Word (underneath where you wrote your word nice and noticeable in your journal) Write down the page number you find it on, the context (how the word is used), and a brief interpretation (what seems important?)

  2. From page 14, write down what you think about the teacher not speaking.

  3. From page 15, what do you think the couch symbolizes? Why?

  4. From page 15, how is not speaking working for the family?

All done? Nice! Now just as politely, place your book NEATLY back on the shelf. Attakid.  See you on Thursday :)  

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