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This page has some articles that may be interesting, helpful, enlightening, or that you just may disagree with altogether.  Happy reading!

       Is it possible to live without one?  Read on. (And when you're done, check this thing out.  I've been trying to  

       decide if I could actually use it, and I think I could.)

      ​  Very interesting article.  Give it a read, and see if you agree with the author's conclusions.


       Because I HAD to get this one on here.  Incredibly moving, for more reasons than one.

       Want to handle stressful situations better? Do what the Seals do.

        How do top athletes power through the hard stuff?  Turns out it has a lot to do with mental prep, and you can do it too. 

         (WARNING: This article uses the term "bad apples" in one part, only it doesn't say "apples.")


Kind of puts the whole idea of "getting EVERYONE to like you" into perspective.


LOVE this article.  It's been said before, but not as well.


So, what qualities do Google's top employees have?  Sweet STEM skills, probably?  Read on - it's kind of surprising.


It totally is. And this article has a really good explanation as to why that's true.


  • Everyone Is Going Through Something

        Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers talks about having a panic attack during an NBA game, how it affected him, and      

        how he went after the problem.



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