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De Uddah Link  (09/17) 


Not that you're devastated or anything, but my doc (the PA, actually) said I can not come to work today. I said "Fever-shmever," and she gave me a shot which ended all further discussion.

Anyway, here's what's happening:  Remember that handout I gave you last time, the one with the 8 News Values on it?  Yep, we're working on those today.  

  • First up, I'm sending you to Quizlet.  Why?  Because I love it.  AND, I think it's pretty effective when used well.  When you click the link above (the one that says Quizlet. Go on, click it) it'll prompt you to sign in if you already have a Quizlet account, or to create a free account.  Choose either of those, and then click on the Join Class button.  Do that, and then Madison (or me if Madison's admin access doesn't let her—I'll monitor from home) will approve your request. 

  • Once you're approved just refresh your page.  Then click on the set called The 8 News Values.  You'll see a set of flashcards with options on the side.  Your job today is to do both Learn and Test, in that order.  You need to do Learn to completion (until you've mastered all of the terms) and then Test until you get 100%.  That is, if, you know, you want full credit and all.

  • Then, just for fun, go here to test your new knowledge with some possible news scenarios.  After each question (there are 10) make sure you read the bottom after you get a "correct" answer, as it will explain why the right answer is right, and the why wrong ones aren't quite right (especially after the first question.)

  • Finally, open up InDesign on your computer.  The newspaper veterans can (and WILL) show you how to get there if you have any trouble.  InDesign is the program that we create the paper on (sorry—on which we create the paper), so we'll be using it a lot.  Once that's open, go here to see some tutorial videos on InDesign.   I'm not sure if the school's filter will block them, but if you can watch them, watch videos 1 & 3, preferably with headphones if you've got them, or maybe just at a lower volume.  Try out the things that the tutorials show.  They'll come in really handy later.

  • Still some time left?  Go do another team-building game, your choice.


Let me know if you've got any questions, using the orange chat bar below-right.

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